Where’s my WD-40?

March 2, 2009

story in real-time:

I’m currently stuck INSIDE my office….

Today, everyone from FPW is attending a training session across town.  (After 10 minutes of unfamiliar Vietnamese accounting terms, I decided that my time would be better spent in the office working.)

When I got here, the door was already unlocked so I just waltzed in, no problems.

10 minutes ago when I tried to go for lunch, I packed up my things, got to the door with key in hand and tried to lock the sliding-bar padlock …. but the bar wouldn’t slide through both latches.    I tried everything I could think of!  Lifting one door while pushing the other down to try to level the latches, pulling the bar through the other way, twisting and turning to try to change the axis,  I even tried to use my chapstick as a pseudo WD40. Needless to say nothing worked and the padlock now smells like lemon Lip Ice.

I’ve called to be rescued so hopefully someone will get here within the next hour…  I just know that as soon as they come, they’ll lock the door in under 10 seconds.


2 Responses to “Where’s my WD-40?”

  1. An said

    Oh my gosh are you still stuck in there??? Maybe you should try cherry chest rub – it might work better than lemon 🙂 Remind me to tell you about how I got stuck in my kitchen on Christmas Eve…

  2. nmcutler said

    I hope you made it out well! Did they lock it back up in no time flat? Cheers Bern!

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