I saw a chicken cross the road

February 10, 2009

Things I thought I couldn’t live without… but am living without…

1.  Movie theatres
– actually there is one that’s located in what seems to be a classroom.  They literally turn off the soundtrack so it’s completely silent (no sound effects, nothing) and there’s a woman who sits in the back with a microphone translating parts of it into Vietnamese.    ……… I didn’t believe it myself.

2. The ability to communicate with words
– There are very few (around 3) english speakers here, but I’m learning Vietnamese so that should help.

It’s been an adventure so far!

At least I think it’s funny… Sarah, I bet you think this is Super Cheese!

Another amusing picture



One Response to “I saw a chicken cross the road”

  1. An said

    Can you take a video of the dogs looking left and right before they cross the street? 🙂

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